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Various routes expand the possibilities of horseback archery and/or give riders the chance to show their mastery of more than one martial art. Among such well-known non-standart routes: Polish, Turkish, Persian (may have other names). FHAR also created its original route specifically for the first international competition Cup of St. George The Victorious 2019 called Cossack Style. Horseback archer must show not only accurate shooting at "wolves" (40cm diameter target with wolf head picture), but also the skills of using the main Cossack weapon - shashka, the variation of a saber. Here are the rules.


The Cossack Style was specially designed for the first international horseback archery tournament in Russia - Cup of St.George the Victorious, which was held in Serpukhov in 2019. The route is based on two mandatory disciplines of jigitovka: cutting and removing of the ring.

The length of the track is 90 meters, the width is 2-4 meters.


The participant passes the track in both directions, back and forth, turning the horse after the end of the track, indicated by green flags. The rider cannot turn the horse on the lane to the green flags, otherwise the result of his attempt will be reset to zero. All the time it takes to turn the horse and replace the weapon goes into timing.

The rider can start with an arrow on the string. The target is 40 cm in diameter (with the image of a wolf), the distance to the target is 10m. The affected area is the entire target. Each target hit by an arrow gives 5 points.

The rider, passing the track in one direction, shoots at three targets, then after the green flags removes the bow (in the chest, on the back, on the arm) and takes out a shashka from the scabbard on the belt. He turns his horse around and cuts three cones, and before the finish line removes the ring with a checker.

Rider can start with the arrow on his bowstring.


Each target hit by an arrow gives 5 points.


Every second exceeding the time limit adds a penalty time.


Bonus time charged if an arrow hits at least one target and at least one cone cut down, or a ring removed.


A rider cannot turn a horse on the track before green flags, otherwise the result of his attempt will be reset.

The cone (plastic bottle 1,5l) stands on a rack 2 meters high.

6 points - if the cone cut down so that its lower part remains on the rack.


4 points - if the cone cut down and its lower part fallen from the rack.


If a part of the cork cut down, the blow not counted.


5 points - if the ring removed and remains on the blade to the finish.


Participants have two attempts.


Route time - 36 seconds.

More information - in training Cossack Style video.

казачий маршрут
казачий маршрут


конная стрельба из лука Майя Динова

Another unusual route that is sometimes used at Russian competitions is an adapted version of the Turkish route under the classic name Qabaq. This variation originated from the route designated in the IHAA rules as "Simplified Turkish Style". There are no zones in it and two targets are used. This is essentially a simplified "Simplified Turkish Style".


It uses arrows with special plumage glued to the shaft in a spiral - flu-flu. This is done so that when fired (missed) the arrow does not fly up a long distance.

The flu-flu arrow must also be equipped with a tip protection (rubber, plastic), as it can split when hitting a metal target and, bouncing off, injure the rider or horse.


The route uses unusual - metal - targets with a diameter of 40 cm, suspended by chains on a pole with a height of 4 meters for an upward shot and on chains on a stand for a side shot.

Track length - 90 meters, width 2-4 meters.


The first target is set on a pole 7 meters high at a distance of 15 meters from the start line and half a meter to the left of the track. The second target is set at a distance of 60 meters from the start line and 7 meters perpendicular to the track.

The rider can start with an arrow on a bowstring.

Bonus time for speed is given only if the first (top) target is hit successfully.

If the arrow hits the pillars, the shot does not count.

If the arrow only touched the first target (there was a teal), the participant is awarded 1 point. If the arrow hits the first target clearly - 3 points.

If the arrow clearly hits the second target, the participant is awarded 4 points. If the arrow only touched the second target (there was a teal) - 1 point.

Time limite - 12 seconds.

Every second exceeding the time limit adds a time penalty.

Participants have two attempts.

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