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For the first time, large All-Russian competitions in horseback archery were held in the Republic of Kalmykia at 29-30th of May. With the support of the administration, more than 20 riders from all over the country gathered at the Elista hippodrome.

The victory in the competition was won by the president of the Federation Sergey Odinokov. The second place with a small margin was taken by Khongr Uladaev, the organizer of the competition. The third place was taken by Alexander Zhurov. The winners were presented with a traditional award - a live ram for each of them.

The podium of the S category was taken exclusively by Kalmyk sportsmen, who were trained hard by Khongr Uladaev for a year.

1st place - Arkady Badmaev

2nd place - Boris Boleyev

3rd place - Erdni Erdneev

After the award ceremony they came down from the podium to the sounds of the national melody with an incendiary dance.

According to the tradition of the Federation, the Victory Cup is held in different regions of Russia in order to attract as many people as possible to horseback archery.

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