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was held at August 29-30, 2020 in equestrian club Pegasus in Serpukhov. 42 horseback archers from Moscow and the Moscow region, Tatarstan, Kalmykia, Tula region, Yaroslavl, St.Petersburg, Volgograd and Nizhny Novgorod took part in the competition.

This year athletes showed their skills in three routes: Korean (Raid on IHAA), Hungarian (Tower оf IHAA) and Skirmish (Polish track).

Now the division of sportsmen into groups is based on the IHAA ratings: S (students) and HA (professionals). It can be recruited by participating in competitions during the season and collecting points.

Sergey Odinokov became the Absolute Champion of Russia for the third time. Previously, he lost only to his friend Pavel Polyakov, who became the champion in the previous year.

HA group

1st place - Sergey Odinokov

2nd place - Alexander Zhurov

3rd place - Sergey Ragozin

Group S

1st place - Maya Dinova

2nd place - Vyacheslav Churbanov

3rd place - Anton Sobolev

Maya Dinova again won the title of Champion in her category. Last year, she became the first among Women, immidiately after that there was combining of the men's and women's standings according to IHAA standards, so she proof the title in new category.

Children and juniors still perform in separate subgroups. This year, a record number of participants were represented.


1st place - Sergey Simonenkov

2nd place - Alexander Tyurikov

3rd place - Yulia Lozhnikova


1st place - Timofey Yushin

2nd place - Yegor Kukovitsky

3rd place - Veronika Bagautdinova

The largest number of participants (in the category of juniors and children) were represented by the growing schools of training children in horseback archery from equestrian club Matador and school of horseriding East Wind. Young athletes are already competing with venerable riders!

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