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On July 12-15, first time in Russia, there were international competition in horseback archery. The best 35 sportsmen from 18 countries - from the USA to Malaysia, from Finland to South Africa - were invited to demonstrate their skills and motivate the development of horseback archery in Russia. Riders acted on horses of Pegasus equestrian club and don horses of Cossack School of Riding and Dzhigitovka.

All the participants unanimously declared that the first Russian international horseback archery competition was among the best they had ever attended. After rave reviews on social networks, the number of sportsmen wishing to take part in the next Cup has tripled. However, you can only receive an invitation to the Russian competitions personally from the President of the Federation.

Overall winners

1 place - Christoph Nemethy (Hungary)

2 place - Pavel Polyakov (Russia)

3 place - Atar Omer (Turkey)

Hungarian style 1 place - Valentin Lakatos (Hungary) 2 place - Christoph Nemethy (Hungary) 3 place - Aikoz Yeralkhan (Kazakhstan)

Korean style

1 place - Christoph Nemethy (Hungary)

2 place - Andrew O'Donnghaile (Ireland)

3 place - Atar Omer (Turkey)


1 place - Aikoz Yeralkhan (Kazakhstan) 2 place - Pavel Polyakov (Russia) 3 place - Sergey Ragozin (Russia)

Cossack style

1 place - Ali Ghorchian (Iran)

2 place - Pavel Polyakov (Russia)

3 place - Tsamba Ulziijadamba (Mongolia)

This tournament is planned to be annual in Russia.

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