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  • ФКСЛ России


took place on November 20-24, 2019, near Tehran. 60 horseback archers from 22 countries spent three days figuring out, who is the best in the five routes: Korean, Hungarian, Persian and Turkish.

Russia was represented by Sergey Odinokov, Pavel Polyakov and Lyubov Moroka (juniors). Team showed decent results.

Sergey Odinokov:

Hungarian style - 3 place

Turkish style - 4 place

Korean style - 10 place

Pavel Polyakov:

Persian style - 2 place

Hungarian style - 7 place

Lubov Moroka (juniors):

Turkish style - 4 place

Persian style - 5 place

Korean style - 5 place

Hungarian style - 5 place

In training camp before the tournament Lubov Moroka and Pavel Polyakov participated in master-classes from four of the world's leading masters of horseback archery: Christoph Nemethy, Wojtek Osiecki, Ali Ghoorchian and Mihai Cosmei. Training took place mostly on the ground, 6 to 9 hours every day. The tradition of training camps is widely developed in the world, especially in Hungary.

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