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Participation in the World Championship in South Korea was not limited to any rating or age of the sportsmen. That's why anybody could buy a ticket and take part in this competition.

In 2018, the 14th World championship was attended by participants from Russia: Sergey Odinokov, Sergey Ragozin, Elizaveta Gryazeva and Lyubov Moroka. Overall there were 86 horseback archers from 17 countries.

At the moment, the WHAF has revised the rules and now it is not so easy to take part in world competitions.

There were four types of routes which sportsmen rode for two days, regardless of weather conditions: Serial Shot (5 targets), Double Shot, Single Shot, Qabaq (shot up).

Best results of out Russian Team:

7 place in Serial Shot - Sergey Odinokov. 17 place in Double Shot - Sergey Ragozin.

4 place in Serial Shot - Lubov Moroka (junior) among 12 competitors from 5 countries.

40 place in Serial Shot - Elisaveta Gryazeva.

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