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On April 20-21, 2018, Jordan hosted an international horseback archery tournament under the patronage of the Royal family.

50 horseback archers from 25 countries competed for the right to bear the name of the AL-FARIS Champion. The Russian team, which participated in this tournament for the first time, took the 6th place in the team standings.

At the tournament, Russia was represented by two of the country's strongest horseback archers, specially invited to participate by the Jordanian Prince, who also gave them his favorite horse.

Sergey Odinokov and Pavel Polyakov competed in 4 routes, some of which they tried for the first time right at the competition.

The peculiarity of the "local" routes is always an additional discipline from the category of martial arts. For example, elements from tentpegging or jigging. In Jordan, our athletes had to demonstrate their skills with a pike.

Royal tournaments are always a special level of competition, so it is a great honor to be invited there.

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