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On July 6-8, 2018, there was a festival dedicated to traditional archery "Mergen uksy" ("Accurate archer") in the Iglinsky district of Bashkortostan.

The festival was visited by the Federation Team: Sergey Odinokov, Maya Dinova, Andrey Sviridov, Pavel Polyakov, Sergey Ragozin and Alexander Zhurov.

It was the first departure of athletes of Federation on a festival as a Team more than two people. The riders shared their experience with novice horseback archers from the republic. And also appreciated the unusual system of "carousel", when each participant must change the horse to another after each attempt.

The organizer of the festival - Yulai Galiullin - decided to include competitions in horseback archery in the permanent program of "Mergen Uksy" to develop the ancient art of ancestors, as well as to encourage the host party ("Accurate Archer" is held in different regions of Bashkiria every year for several years in the name of popularizing traditional Bashkir archery) to train their horses for this sport.

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