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On September 9-10, 2017, there was the First Russian horseback archery Сhampionship held in Pegasus equestrian club in Serpukhov.

There were 24 sportsmen from all over the country compete in two routes: Reid IHAA 233 and Kassai Hungarian Track 90m. The categories were: men, woman and juniors. Most of competitiors have never been participate in sport events.

The first Champion of Russia became Sergey Odinokov, the President and foundator of FHAR (Federation of the Horseback archery of Russia).

Overall winners

1 place - Sergey Odinokov

2 place - Pavel Polyakov

3 place - Sergey Ivanov

Woman winners

1 place - Elena Kalashnikova

2 place - Anastasia Kulinkovich

3 place - Alexandra Korovkina

Junior winners 1 place - Ustinya Barchenkova

2 place - Ekaterina Zvyagina 3 place - Maxim Tsymbalov

Since the championship was attended by the famous Polish athlete Anna Sokolska, an International Guest standings were also introduced, in which the guest won. Also she made a masterclass for russian sportsmen.

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