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LUBOV MOROKA: "I am a very tough and demanding coach"

According to the results of 2021, Lubov Moroka distinguished herself both as an athlete and as a coach. Step by step for several years she has been striving for her goals, surrounding herself with colleagues and preparing a springboard for victories.

Read more about Luba's approach to training, as well as about the results and plans of her Artemis Equestrian Academy.

Author: Maya KOWAL

Personal task
I wanted to improve my results, and the "unreal" HA6 turned out to be a reality for me. I also planned to go to Hungary to Christoph (Nemethy Academy) for training camps and competitions. The Horseback Archery World Cup was held there, and I got into the top ten, and at the end of three routes I became the sixth.

I also really wanted to get to the St.George's Cup is in Serpukhov, because when it was held for the first time two years ago, I was the first under the line and did not get into the main squad of the Russian national team. But this time it even turned out to take second place!

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Coach task
Of course, improving the results of my athletes. Anton and Mark had to perform HA1, as a result, Mark earned a rating of HA5, and Anton HA3. For Natalia and Vyacheslav, another regular Artemis students, the task was to complete S6, and both successfully coped! In general, this season we had to learn how to shoot the Korean (Raid) route without any misses, and by the end of the year we took up the Hungarian (Tower) route.

Features of the approach
The pandemic was a negative event for everyone except us: we have never trained so much! For most of our athletes "everything remotely" meant a free schedule, so we shot from horses like crazy!

Of course, there were difficulties: for example, when you achieved a certain result, you suddenly keep standing still. Or when the result falls for a certain time, and you don't understand why (this is just a pattern of development, of course). At such moments it is difficult to control emotions and gather the will into a fist, but this happens all the time, and for everyone. So we need to remember this, continue trainig...

Sort out the mistakes, understand what is needed to move forward, and start "plowing" even harder.

​It was also difficult to give yourself a break from training, at least for 1-2 weeks. Ideally, the training plan should have a break for 2-3 months, but we worked at the limit.

This is wrong and difficult, because you can finally get into two conditions: nothing works out and I want to work hard to get it; I get the result and I want to work hard to improve it…

One way or another, our results were obtained, as well as extensive experience, coaching and competitive.

I am a very tough and demanding coach, especially when I see that a person wants to do and really can do.

​But it is very important to catch the moment when you must stop the workout so that the result does not fall. Always stop at the good - do not "squeeze" both the rider and the horse. 

I believe that "the best is the enemy of the good." It is necessary to set real goals and tasks, even small, but achievable, because you will not jump above your head.


The secret of success

In the ability to work with a horse. It can be done in different ways. No one has canceled the pop-clock, but horse riding anytime should be deliberate. It is necessary to be able to draw conclusions, react quickly, analyze and correct your mistakes personally.

For me, there are two very important points: strategy and "it's always your fault."

The horse, the wind, buddy from the crowd - these are all excuses. You have to admit that it is you - personally - screwed up.
And when you realize what exactly you did wrong, then proper work begins. Work on yourself - is the only one opportunity to improve your own results. In future.

christoph nemethy

I train with several masters and on my own.
My dressage coach is Natalia Nikolaevna Prudnikova, a master of sports of international class in dressage, a person who knows everything about horses. I learn from her not only dressage but also how to work with horses. She have teached me that the horse also has its own opinion and vision of life, and it must not only exercise, but also carry out "psychological" work.

My horseback archery coach is Christoph Nemethy, a man of legend. This year my Equestrian Artemis Academy became a Russian filial of his school! I train with Christoph mainly at training camps abroad, but there are also constant online trainings we got.
I get on a horse myself every day and analyze everything that comes into my head from current coaches, and also from those who gave me a basis of equestrian knowledge in the past: Alina Bulgakova, Andrey Sharauhov and Pavel Polyakov - these people taught me how to analyze, how to choose tactics and strategy in sports.
That's the whole recipe: collect everything in a pile and try to do your best.

The plan for 2022
I want to be the first with a rating of HA10! 
Objectively, my main personal task now is to get on the same level with the champions. Therefore, I will continue to improve my technique, develop control over my actions and concentration.
As a coach, I lead Artemis Academy to the top of the rankings. We continue to work on improving the results, making them stable, not one-time. According to the plan, if everything goes well with the borders, we prepare trips to international tournaments

We are building our own equestrian sports club and planning a large-scale opening, perhaps even an equestrian festival, in May!

We plan to hold training camps, Russian and international, with top horseback archers and coaches of international Federations. We will have a lot of trails, there will be a difficult Hunting route, Raid, Tower, Turkish, Kazakh and other horseback archery routes there…
Let's start with this, but the plans of Artemis Academy are even grander!..

Favorite affirmations of Lubov Moroka

  • Think first, then do

  • Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  • If you wasn't tired in training, you didn't train

  • Do not meddle with the advice once again - you will be guilty

  • "Never ask for anything! Never and nothing, especially for those who are stronger than you. They will offer and give everything themselves!" (c) Bulgakov

  • Sleep for weaklings: we'll sleep it off in Hell!

  • Better the bitter truth than the sweet lie

  • A person always has the time and means to do what he wants

This year Lubov Moroka got the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year", "Coach of the Year" of FHAR and made two Russian records on two Raid routes. At the moment, in the HA grading table, she shares the top lines with the President of the Federation Sergey Odinokov.
Both have a systematic approach to training, both have their own horses, both have a thirst for victory and, of course, a huge experience of competitions in our sport. Probably, that approach in horseback archery is one of the most productive at the moment. 

I will continue to talk about the Members of the Horseback Archery Federation on the pages of the website and Instagram @FHARUSSIA, even in more detail than now, because behind the dry numbers and names in the tables there are stories of interesting people.

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