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Federation of the Horseback Archery of Russia (FHAR) registered in Russia on May 5, 2017. In February 2017, it became a member of the IHAA - International Horseback Archery Alliance (President - Alan Le Gall). On June 30, 2017, the FHAR became part of the WHAF, the World Horseback Archery Federation, headquartered in South Korea (President - Youngsup Kim). The President of the FHAR since its foundation is Sergey Odinokov.

Horseback archery began to develop in Russia as a sport after the inclusion of this discipline in the program of the International Jigitovka Championship in 2016. Before that, the discipline was developed by Russian reenactors and stuntmen at various equestrian bases.

The first Championship of Russia held in September 2017 in Serpukhov in equestrian club Pegasus. There were 25 horseback archers qualified for the competition. The first Champion of Russia became Sergey Odinokov.

In July 2019, there held the first International Horseback Archery Tournament Cup of the St.George's the Victorious, which brought together 32 participants from 18 countries. The winner of the Cup was Christoph Nemethy (Hungary). Next international tournament planned to be organized in 2021.

At the moment, more than fifty horseback archers are members of the FHAR: they train at various horse bases from Saint Petersburg to Tuva, from Bashkiria to Stavropol. More than fifteen russian horseback archers are registered in the IHAA ranking as professional sportsmen. Representatives of Russia have repeatedly participated in international competitions in South Korea, Mongolia, Hungary, France, Poland, Jordan, Iran and other countries.

Every year, under the auspices of the FHAR, about twenty horseback archery competitions are held throughout the country. Representatives of the Federation travel monthly to international reviews and competitions around the world, as well as attend training camps for advanced practice under the supervision of the world's leading horseback archers. The training direction is also developing in Russia: the first training camp of the FHAR was held in May 2020 at the equestrian club Pegasus in Serpukhov.

Every year since the Foundation of the FHAR, there were held Russian Championships, in which took part athletes, who passed the qualification stage, from all over the country. At the moment, the Russian Champion is Sergey Odinokov.

Training in horseback archery is conducted in more than twenty equestrian clubs in Russia. More than fifty horses across the country are trained to participate in horseback archery competitions, and their number is constantly growing. At the moment, Russia does not have an official "school” for training horseback archery and the opportunity to get certified as professional athlete or coach, but the Federation's leadership is working on adding horseback archery to the official list of equestrian sports of the Russian Federation of Equestrian Sport.


FHAR is a member of the international federations WHAF and IHAA

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